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Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Uplifting Christmas Story....NOT

Christmas Jars

The Christmas Jars

By: Jason F. Wright

Genre: Christmas fiction

Pages: 122

Published: 2005

Read: December

1 out of 5

I had a major problem with this book. I know Christmas stories usually include a sad, tragic event and then a miracle or redemption occurs to provide the reader with the warm fuzzy Christmas spirit. This book was not like that ALL. The protagonist, a journalist, is selfish and all her actions are to enhance her career and own self-worth. Then to redeem herself, she apologizes – but even that was to enhance her own career as her apology appears as an article on the front page, which she doesn’t hide was her goal. With that said, I still enjoy books even if I don’t like or even loathe the characters however in this case, I feel the author actually believes it’s a heartwarming story and the character redeems herself. I felt the story did JUST the opposite and proved that some people are incapable of unselfishly giving no matter what! 

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