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Monday, July 16, 2012

I DID IT!!!!

So, after 13 years and two weeks (exactly) I quit my career as an accountant and CPA for a major International manufacturing company. All I had was my 30 hours a month part time library job AND one semi-supportive fiancĂ©e. We decided to take Jacob, my 6 year old stepson out of day camp and I would stay with him. Now the funny thing is…I have been wanting to blog about this huge change in my life since the first Monday I was home, but DANG I have been too busy!!

I barely sit down during the day…I clean, I cook, I play with a boy who simply has to be constantly entertained. I also continue to look for a librarian position that has ore hours. In one week I sent 5 resumes out for vacant positions, so at least the jobs are out there and in my area. Don’t get me wrong, I get to have fun too.  I visited with a teacher friend of mine that recently had a baby boy, Ezra and I have gone on my parent’s boat twice. However, I don’t envy stay-at-home moms. It’s hard work J
Fortunately, I have been able to pick more hours at the library and I get to read a lot. I also had two interviews last week and a call on another resume I sent out. I had to turn down that interview BECAUSE I accepted a position for a Library Assistant for a small library in Wisconsin. (I also had to turn down the job offer that resulted from the second interview).

So, I guess you can say my official new career as a librarian is in full swing and Jacob will most likely be back in day camp next week.  Now, it is still part-time (libraries don’t seem to hire very many full-time employees). But, I am excited about this new adventure.

It’s going to be a major adjustment for my family and I hope the support continues, mostly because I now have to work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. I may end up having to give up one of those…adjustments just have to be made. However, we are going to try.

In this new position, I will be mostly a Reference Librarian for the Information Services Department (Adult Services) with opportunities to do some programs and run an adult book club. YEAH!! They also are part of three library buildings in the area. One is a one man shop that is open for a few hours four days a week. Reminds me of a Bookmobile without the wheels. Also, my first favorite library as a kid. We lived on a street that had a library (a converted house) at the end of my street that as run by Mrs. Karus, this sweet little library. I LOVED it.

Well, here is to the next chapter of my life and career!!!!