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Sunday, July 27, 2014

What is a Horror...

Help for the Haunted

Help for the Hunted

By: John Searles

Genre:  Adult Horror

Pages: 368

Published: 2013

Read: July

1.5 out of 5

I haven’t read a great horror book, since I used to read Stephen King novels years ago. Not that you should compare other horror novels to the great prolific Stephen King, but this one failed miserably. It wasn’t suspenseful, horrifying or any other word to describe a good horror story.  All events and circumstances that seemed to be important in this novel NEVER went anywhere or developed. The ending came out of left field. I like being surprised or discover a twist ending, but not a new person or twist that wasn’t foreshadowed at all. This author took a seemed to write an ending to a completely different novel and my only thought was “What a cop-out”.  I continued to read the novel only because it had such good promise, even if not a horror and it just died. I did not hate this book, but do not recommend it either.  

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