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Monday, May 9, 2016

What a B....

Becoming Grandma by Lesley Stahl

Becoming Grandma

By: Lesley Stahl

Genre: Nonfiction/Autobiography

Pages: 288

Published: 2016

Read: May

1 out of 5

What I learned from this book - Stahl is an arrogant, nonrealistic, selfish women. Honestly, I only read about 50 pages I was so disgusted with her views I could not read any more. Stahl states to her daughter, " ...you're going to breast-feed? Really? [I think] we had to prove we could do our jobs as well as -and just like- the men. They didn't breast-feed; we didn't breast-feed." As her daughter first struggles to breast-feed and seeks out a lactation consultant, she states "Ha! I thought. Taylor is calm and centered because I used a bottle!" I am proud of her daughter for not listening to her mom and continued to breast-feed. Some of her other ideas were to hire a maid, nanny, AND a financial assistant to help organize and pay their personal finances so Taylor could go back to her career and life. These are just a sample of her views; I was so appalled by what she openly admitted in her book. To Stahl, I must say - every day Grandma's cannot take their grandchildren to an Easter egg hunt to the White House - that is when I gave up!

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