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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Well, volunteering has paid off for me. I was offered and accepted a job in the library field. It’s not the full-time position as I hoped, but a part-time position that is just enough hours that I can receive library experience and (hopefully) work my full-time accounting job, continue school part-time, raising a family, have a relationship and also ME time!!

Now, I am a little scared because this is still a lot to accomplish – even with only 30 hours a month.   I was only volunteering 8 -10 hours a month plus I start my month book club at the library in March. However, I need the experience and couldn’t pass the opportunity up.   I am glad to see it is only a few hours a month because I wouldn’t have been able to swing a 15-20 hr a week P/T position without quitting my F/T job (and that wouldn’t have flown over very well with the boyfriend).

Now ideally, I WANTED a F/T position so I can completely move into the library field. BUT I have to start somewhere and it wasn’t as though I was turned down for the position…they have enough current staff to only need a P/T person. I was also sent numerous resume to other libraries within openings since beginning this journey and never received one, NOT ONE phone call or inquiry. I need the experience.

And who knows, I may be the first to be asked when a F/T position opens…YAY!!

About the position - It’s basically a high school P/T position – P/T shelver with a little desk time.
Two week night evening for 3 hours each and the 2nd and 5th (when there is one) Saturday each month
Plus, my book club night and at-home hours to run the online forum book club discussion group
It may be basic, but I’m thrilled to enter the field before I graduate. I can’t wait!!!!  It is definitely more experience than what I was doing volunteering and I feel I will be able to contribute more life experience to my graduate classes discussions.

Hey, I also receive 40% discount on personal book purchases and a small tuition reimbursement.
I will actually be sad to see volunteering go away. Volunteering makes you feel so selfless and loved. It is so rewarding. I HIGHLY recommend everyone do it.  I have enough on my plate (I fear too much), so I won’t be able to volunteer my time elsewhere at the moment, but maybe someday!

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